Postural Backrest

Designed exclusively for Progeo rigid wheelchairs, designed to ensure maximum stability.

Postural Backrest

Designed exclusively for Progeo rigid wheelchairs.

Designed to support the lumbar area and ensure maximum stability.
Optimal wheelchair posture allowed by adjustments, in inclination and height as well as in depth, while maintaining the possibility of folding it to the seat.
Three heights 25, 30 and 33 cm for wheelchair widths 33-36-39-42-45 cm.
Carbon shell, aluminium backrest tubes with handle. High thickness of the fireproof foam padding, removable from the breathable polyester lining which is also flame retardant and Bio-compatible (in vitro cytotoxicity test according to UNI EN ISO 10993-5:2009), innovative velvet with UV Block treatment, (suitable for indoor and outdoor use) and antistatic (does not attract atmospheric dust ensuring better cleaning). The edge-stitched profile in retro reflective material makes it highly visible in the dark.

WEAR Air… we give you the possibility to customize AIR to your liking by choosing between three types of aesthetics: STANDARD, SPORT and ACTIVE, with colour variants of both the upper velvet insert and the seams, specifically designed to highlight and improve the conformation of the padding .



As part of the ongoing commitment to improve its products, Rehateam-Progeo reserves the right to change specifications and design without prior notice. Furthermore, not all features and options offered are compatible with all product configurations. Please consult the user manual for further information.


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