Rehateam S.r.l. and Progeo Ultra-light Manual Wheelchairs and Physio Postural System was acquired by the Swedish company Permobil AB in July 2021. The acquisition is an important part of Permobil’s overall strategy of developing the next generation of advanced assistive technology and services for individuals.

Combined, Permobil and Progeo have over 75 years of leading quality within manual and power wheelchairs, power assist, seating solutions and services.

Today we give you enthusiasm and emotion.

Sometimes, creativity and innovation are not enough to build a new product.

That is why we set ourselves farther targets:  give a wheelchair a unique nature, with sensual lines to attract and conquer your freedom with style, making dreams fly beyond any obstacle, beyond any barrier.

There is passion in what we do.

Making unique Ultra-light wheelchairs meant to represent the users’ personality. No longer a product to use, but a product to wear to strengthen our conviction of feeling at easy anywhere positively directs us in our everyday life as well as in our relationship in any context.

Before all, we put quality.

Our product is the result of innovative ideas, often recognizable by just one detail, that sometimes become icons of design.


This is our world, this is our freedom of our daily life

Our range of products