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Our company is located in Castagnole di Paese (TV) on the Strada Statale Feltrina that from Treviso leads towards Montebelluna. About 15 minutes’ drive from Treviso, continuing towards Montebelluna, at the first traffic light continue straight for about 500 meters. Turn left into via Negrelli entering an industrial area. Continue to the left along the sheds facing the road and after about 100 meters you will find be in vicolo Negrelli. At number 5 you will find Rehateam s.r.l.

Rehateam Srl

Vicolo Negrelli, 5
31038 Castagnole di Paese (TV)

P.IVA IT 03182520266
C.C.I.A.A. TV n.225867
Iscr. Trib. TV n.41690
Share Capital I.V. €100.000,00

P+39 0422 484657 | +39 0422 484660
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